Morning Rituals of Most Successful People

Hello readers, this is a special post I’ve brought to you today. As readers who love to be informed and inspired, this post is for you, and it’s more like looking into other people’s morning living styles, sharing those styles and see how best you can adapt to some of these styles for a successful future or becoming a successful person.

I’m able to boldly make such a post after spending some time with high achievers from various fields of careers. Those the world call successful people.

Welcome again readers to the place where everyone come to get inspired and informed…

Today I’ve brought to you how some successful people start their day, especially in the mornings…

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• For most successful people, they have already prepared their day beforehand. It is very important to know what you’re going to do the next day. Want to be a successful person by learning what successful people do? It is really important to know beforehand what you want to do or achieve the next day, if you want to avoid wasting time. Thus, plan ahead of time. Successful people use this to have a clear schedule. One more good tool aside money, will-power, etc successful people use is the calendar.

Remember, I will mention this idea in my next article about Working From Home And Being Productive.

• An average CEO sleeps between 5 to 7 hours per night, and on an average, wakes up before 6 am. This is 2, 2.5, or 3 hours before their day actually begins. They never snooze their alarm clocks or even, just don’t bring their phones to bed.

“Many successful people wake up before 6 am in the morning. They have rituals. They exercise, stretch, organise their day and walk through that series of rituals.”

Brian Tracy

• They drink a lot of water immediately after waking up.

• They start their morning with either a workout or a meditation session. We realised most people ignore this only because they have no idea how to go about and meditate. This form of meditation has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but rather, tuning your mind and focus on achieving a desired future or to look within oneself. You can take an example like looking in the mirror to figure out a lot more about yourself or everything happening around you. Whiles doing this, you are immersed in your thoughts and begin to wonder. Carefully control your mind whiles focusing on one thing that strikes your thoughts the deepest. Consider that whole process as a form of meditation. It is also important to note that most creative successful people practice journalism. Be it whatever, they put their thoughts in writing.

• 85% of them skip breakfast and head straight to work. They don’t waste time in traffic. Usually, they live near the workplace or use the travel time to actually get some work done before reaching the office.

• Above everything, successful people form habits and stick to a single routine which they’ve found works great for them and they very rarely stray away from this model.

“Successful people are not exactly gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”

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Question: How did you think most successful people start their day?

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  1. This article is an appreciable effort to follow the footsteps of Success personified.

    In this context, meditation may be understood as a subtle art in psychology, that is never “about” religion, but “by” religion, as in its discovery historically. The moment one associates “religious” or “this form not religious”, the primary essence of its benefit is lost.

    In order to validate this understanding, how many of successful people having meditation as their morning ritual, “cling” to their own religion dogmatically or liberate the mind secularly ? Successful people often applies unconventional approaches whereas “clinging” implies a psychological shackle.

    To grasp its extent, let us take an example – it is also possible to meditate during an evening walk, in contrast to “sitting and closing eyes”, hence not advised for a beginner who consider it merely an “exercise” !

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    • Thanks @Oneiridescent for your comments and for adding up with your thoughts. Enjoy reading other posts on our blog & keep sharing your thoughts as well.

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  2. Super interesting read!! Never knew that that large of a percentage of “successful people” skipped breakfast, though considering their workload, it makes sense! Very well-written and informative 🙂

    Thank you so much for all your likes and support, will do the same to you! Hopefully you can follow me too! Will be looking out for future posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well @faustinayick, thank you so much for all your likes and support, will do the same to you! Hopefully you can follow me too! Will be looking out for future posts 🙂

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    • Thanks for spending some more time with us Ellandy.
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    • I would say, life is full of levels. The level at which most of these successful people have reached is such that, they have the luxury or have seen certain things work for them.

      Most of the activities will certainly prepare you so you can also do your part to really achieve success, as you may define yours.

      For instance, having a good night sleep as described in the post is healthy for everyone and will definitely get you ready for the next set of things lined up for the day. Such a ritual also gives you a good start to any day so you can continue making an impact in your life/career.

      I also mentioned sticking to a form of routine that works for you. YES, successful people and almost everyone is (/can be) spontaneous, but notably, successful people consciously or subconsciously form habits and stick to a single routine which they’ve developed and works great for them. They rarely stray from such a model.

      Its beneficial you frequently read this post a few times (don’t also forget to share to others) to better understand some of these habits successful people have and to take positives out of them and try to apply to our personal lives for the betterment of oneself.


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