101.1 Series: SHARKS

SHARKS: They Move Differently.

As part of the 101 Series, the previous post on vibration was made as a pacesetter for this next 3 series of posts I bring you today and in subsequent days. These posts have been made one after the other, and they will all have a role to inspire, motivate, and inform you all about selected animals, and also relate them to humans or personal or individual development. Don’t get this twisted. I bet you will love reading these bunch of posts and will definitely leave some comments in the comment box.

“This is an article is based on the significant characteristics and nature of selected animal and associating them to human development.”

Remember, this blog is mainly to motivate, inspire, and generally inform readers. In previous articles, we also read that we all have our definition for what success is. Part of our responsibilities in life is to find out who we are as individuals and seek improvement. Every seed has a tree in it, and the potential success of that tree is in the seed. That’s how you are, that’s how I am and that’s how we all are. Success, therefore, is in the hands of everybody.

It has also become important to note that, these are all different facts gathered by others, but I have brought those scattered pieces together to make a certain sense.

Let’s use rivers as an example here, a river never go reverse. So lets all be like a river. Focusing and always moving to the future; always being positive.

Notice how rivers always flow forward?. There are so many things rivers run into”(obstacles)”; a log, a boat, etc but it never stops or stands still. They find alternate routes around those things and still move forward. They expand their boundaries over time as they keep moving forward.

Welcome, I bring you inspirational, motivational, and informative posts here on AFFAIRS.


As part of the 101 Series, today’s post is based on carefully selected animals, their traits, and a few notable things about them of which I recommend you can learn add to your life to make you better as an individual -wiser and knowledgeable.

This is all to inform and have a powerful and positive effect on our mindset.

It’s no doubt that animals like the wolf, a shark and or an eagle are honorable mentions when anyone writes a tall list of animals. Before we go down to read any further, kindly go and comment by telling us what comes to your mind of the animal I mentioned in there. Simply reply to that main comment.

In perspective, I chose sharks as the first creatures to talk about today. Now, let’s go straight to why we are here to talk about sharks…


History (Facts)

  • They are sea creatures.
  • They are predators.
  • They can swim really fast.
  • Tiger sharks eat at night.
  • According to sources, the earliest known sharks date back to more than 420 million years ago.
  • Sharks are found in all seas and are common to depths of 2,000 meters or 6,600 ft. They generally do not live in freshwater although there are a few known exceptions.
  • Sharks have a covering of dermal denticles that protects their skin from damage and parasites in addition to improving their fluid dynamics.


  • Sharks never go backwards. That is to say, they never retreat.
  • They are always looking.
  • They are fighters. They never stop fighting
  • They are made of cartilage, (that’s why they are different from any other fish) which means they are flexible and can pivot when they need to.
  • They love hunting in the deep and they don’t stop until they win.
  • They move and operate differently. They are great, strong, fast, smart and successful.
  • They only look up, they can’t look down.
  • They run the oceans.
  • They have courage.
  • They never stop moving.
  • The best thing about sharks is that they take others with them.
  • They are powerful.

Applications of shark traits by humans (as individuals)

  • So to become like a shark is determined by how you move, how you operate. let others talk about them.
  • Sharks ‘keep their own names out of their mouths and let others talk about them’ because they move and operate differently. So, keep your name out of your mouth and let others talk about you. Let others talk about how great you are, how strong you are, how fast you are, how smart you are and how successful you are. That’s when you know you are a shark, when others are talking about you.
  • Usually, during documentaries when the camera gets close to a shark, all you see are scares and muscles, this is because they know how to fight for their ultimate success. “Are you still willing to fight for your success, fight for your marriage, fight for your family or anything you’re willing to fight for, even though you’ve been through a lot in the past?” Don’t you let failure stop you. Don’t let people or judgement stop you from achieving your success.
  • You’re not being great if you don’t have haters. Another thing about sharks is that they always look up. In contrast, if you’re looking at haters and soaking in their judgements, it means you’re looking down on yourself. It also means, you’re keeping the eyes of the prize which could be above you or in front of you whiles haters are below you. Haters are part of the landscape.
  • Unlike you, haters don’t have the courage to go for the price. So instead, they hate on anyone and everyone who has the courage of a shark and is fighting for the price of success.

In order to be extra successful, you have to also have the mindset of a shark, you have to get to the next level through your activities. You have to get to the next level through movements and you have to get to the next level by how you operate. Your next level is going to require you to have a mentor. Your next level is going to require to get connected to the right person.

And when you become a great white shark, it is about how many people can you take with you.

The best thing about sharks is that they take others with them.

Sharks run the ocean. Don’t you want to run things?

I enjoy talking to you in the comments area, and I’m super thankful that you chose to be here now. So as a way to thank you, I will continue to create great pieces of content for your consumption.

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