The NEW NORMal – Face masks, the new condoms ?

Changes are moments that come up within a planned or unplanned period. Mostly changes seem to come in moments when we least except or hardly notice or even when we create & expect it. One thing to note it this..we are not always ready when the chance comes.

In the wake of the world’s new headache, adding up to the already existing troubles, the coronavirus pandemic has made HIV/AIDS turnout become as if it didn’t do much. The world just had to welcome COVID – 19 like it’s nothing. It has become necessary for everybody all over the world to wear a face mask when they get the chance to be in public spaces.

Welcome, today I bring you in other news, the happenings in some other parts of the world.

Today’s post is to mention and show you in pictures the trend adopted by Ghanaians to wear face masks.

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It is now a normal thing for people to be seen wearing face masks.

Countries like Ghana has largely embraced this trend and adding their own style and feel to the wearing of face masks.

The above are photos of a few Ghanaians (some notable) wearing their nose or face masks to reduce or help control the spread of COVID – 19.

After the Ghanaian government made it mandatory for all persons to wear a face mask and illegal not to. They also made it known that failure to wear a mask while in public places is actually a criminal offense and is subjected to a fine of ghs20,000 or 6 months jail term or both.

Are face masks the new condoms?

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One comment

  1. Hi there once again, yes, face mask is the ’new condom’, but we wouldn’t want to label it a ’condom’, right? It has it’s purpose of controlling the spread of COVID – 19 from person to person. Where as an actual condom also controls the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

    One thing we are sure of is that individuals have added a fashion sense to the wearing of their face masks while the main purpose is served.

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